Saturday, 9 December 2017

Part Two of the Special Issue on "US Labor and Social Justice" in Class, Race and Corporate Power edited by Kim Scipes

Scipes, Kim (ed.). 2016. Us Labor and Social Justice, Class, Race and Corporate Power (special issue), 5(3).

Introduction to Part II, “US Labor and Social Justice,” By Section Editor Kim Scipes
Kim Scipes
Fighting Racism as the First Order of Business: Lessons from a Marxist-inspired Union Organizing Experience by Meizhu Lui
Go Deep - Go Red! Thoughts on the Labor Movement in the Age of Trump by Peter Olney
Breaking the Information Blockade: Labor, the Internet, Social Media and Communication Technology by Steve Zeltzer

Politics of Culture
Assertion and Repetition: A Review of Gareth Stedman Jones, "Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion” (Harvard University Press, 2016) by Daniel Skidmore-Hess
Rediscovering the Future: What We Need from Star Trek: Discovery (Part One) by Bryant W. Sculos
The Self is Dead – Alienation and Nihilism in Rick and Morty by Lucas Miranda

Unlearning Sexual Harassment by Susanne Zwingel
Who’s Afraid of ‘Toxic Masculinity’? by Bryant W. Sculos